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Central GA agencies participate in simulation training | News

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Central GA agencies participate in simulation training

Several law enforcement and emergency management agencies are taking part in simulation training this weekend.

13WMAZ's Paula Rotondo went to Crawford County and found out why the training is vital to the different agencies.

Hearing "we've got report of a downed aircraft in Crawford County" was the start of Saturday's simulation training.

Rick Sharon, the EMA Director for Crawford County, says six different counties are involved in some hands on communication training.

"We practice all different scenarios all year long as far as to keeping our preparation up to a level where we're able to respond on calls," he says.

Sharon says they are working with resources used back in World War II, saying, "It's a primary almost last-ditch effort if all your cell phones and all your phones and everything goes down we have this mechanism set up."

Sonny Gilbert, the emergency coordinator for Crawford County, says the equipment is reliable.

"When all else fails, we can go in the field, throw up some wires in some trees, and we can establish communications with almost anywhere in the world," he says.

Gilbert says they look for failures during the training.

"I consider a failure a success, because now we found out something we missed, something we can't do," he says. "Now, our task is to start working on it and improve it and get it better the next time."

Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker says it prepares emergency response units for anything.

"We don't ever know what the situation our community may be put in, so this training is very important," he said. "And it's very important that we come together as different agencies, from surrounding counties, come together and perform this exercise," he says.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis agreed, saying, "So, when in the real event of an emergency everybody knows who's participating, and everybody knows what assets they can bring."

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